New Transform any website into a social hub! Explore the Hio beta.

Make any website
a social network

Hio Hovr is a simple plug-in (patent-pending technology) that brings your website to life by connecting your site visitors for real-time gatherings.

How does it work?

In under one minute you can transform your site into a center of activity, exchanging ideas, advice, and information.


Generate embed code

You select branding and configuration options that best represent your company.


Embed snippet

Simply add the snippet to your code and transform your existing site into a social hub.


Start connecting!

Site visitors engage in networking & live chat and we send all the data back to you.

Transform the frontend of any website

Whether you're an event registration company or a Fortune 500 brand, easily add Hio's networking widget to any site to maximize engagement.

Site engagement like never before

Visitors can easily exchange advice, ideas, & information.

Boost on-site engagment

Site visitors can make real-time connections around shared interests.

It's simple, no coding!

We've done hard work so you don't have to. In under 90 seconds you're ready to go.

Get a 15 minute demo today

Contact us today to learn more about how Hio's patent-pending technology can help drive your engagement & community.