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Hio offers two Virtual Event formats on our event platform and networking app.

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All the tools you need to engage, retain,
and delight your attendees & sponsors!

Drive ticket sales from
Hio app users

Our community of networkers are actively seeking new and fun events that help them meet new people, engage in their community and get out of the house at fun events nearby. If you wish, your event will be available for our users to purchase tickets.

Keep people coming back
time and time again

Hio enables you to send custom push notifications to past attendees of your events and deeplinks them back into the app to purchase tickets to your next event. We'll deliver the right message, to the right person, bringing them back to your next event!

Maximize engagement with
chat & social integrations

Let the Hio live chat engage your attendees in fun and captivating dialogue before, during, and after the event! Plus, Hio's social integration allows everyone in attendance to stay in the know and help drive buzz around your event.

Demonstrate your event’s
success with ease

Hio packages up all event-related statistics, sponsor engagement, survey results, and even email outreach delivery stats so you can spend more time planning your next event and less time pulling data from various sources.


A powerful events platform
delivering results for you

The advanced tech your attendees deserve

Deliver a fantastic event experience for attendees in just a few taps.

Get paid when attendees upgrade

Did you know? Organizers who sign up with Hio earn a portion of Premium upgrades.


Give your attendees
the security they need

Keep attendee data secure

Other event platforms can keep your data for up to 20 years! Your attendees would think that's absurd.

We don't sell attendee data

Unlike other event platforms, we never sell, repackage, distribute or monetize off your attendee data.


Event communication
made easy!

Auto-generated app invites

Event app adoption is tough, but Hio makes it easy by delivering personalized emails to your attendees.

On-demand push notifications

Instantly deliver urgent messages or key updates directly to attendees via the Hio app.

An intelligent event platform built on top
of the world's most powerful networking app.

  • Easy-to-use software that can
    scale with your business
  • Cloud-based analytics reports
    accessible in real-time
  • No-fee event software
    that actually pays you
  • A branded event experience
    attendees will remember
  • Attendees use the app
    to network & follow up
  • Engage & retain exhibitors,
    sponsors, & speakers

Executive Team

From the Big Apple to Space Needle, down to the Magic kingdom and up to the Liberty Bell, we're all distributed and here to help!

Jason Craparo


Jason Craparo


Lauren Collalto

Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren Collalto

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristi Brown

Director, Digital Marketing

Kristi Brown

Director, Digital Marketing

Andraea Proctor

Director, Sales & Support

Andraea Proctor

Vice-President, Partnerships

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